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5 Things You Can Always Give Thanks For

No matter how hard your life is and how difficult things get, there are always 5 things you can thank God for, according to Pastor Rick Warren. No, you don’t thank God for the suffering, but you can thank God during the suffering. How can you possibly be thankful even in bad times?

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church (in Lake Forest, California, and over a dozen other locations) shared this very personal message about how he learned to feel God’s comfort and experience God’s strength during the hardest time in his life.

Watch the video at saddleback.com/watch/media/being-thankful-even-in-bad-times

Scroll down below this image of the sermon notes to see the list of 5 things you can always thank God for.

5 Things I Can Always Thank God For

1. For the grace He’s shown to me.
2. For the plans He has for me.
3. For His promise to never leave me.
4. For the changes He’s making in me.
5. For the home He’s prepared for me.