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In the Beginning of Thanksgiving.Bible

This website Thanksgiving.Bible was initially launched on the weekend before Thanksgiving 2015 as a virtual hackathon, to feature the creativity of God’s people in expressing thanks through a website.

Probably due to the short notice of the announcement, we did not receive enough entries to give thanks together through Thanksgiving.Bible. How short of a notice? The hackathon was announced at the .BIBLE blog on November 20 and the entries were due by November 22, 2015. Can you say spontaneously fast?

At that time, the .BIBLE top-level domain had not yet launched to the general public; that didn’t happen until March 2016. This meant that winning the rights for using a .BIBLE domain name like Thanksgiving.Bible was an exclusive and special opportunity. This would’ve been great for the first mover, early adapter, and innovator.

Since that time, we have pivoted and turned this website into a curated collection for all things Bible that helps to make Thanksgiving memorable and meaningful.